The best way to find trading opportunities quickly

If you have a scanner that monitors the cryptocurrency markets 24 hours a day,
that means 90% of the work for you as a trader is already done.

Monitoring all exchanges

24/7 real-time scans
all Top exchanges.

Analysis of opportunities

Compares rates
from different exchanges.

The most profitable opportunities

the best deals!

What is CrypScan?

CrypScan is an analytical service which provides all the instruments for a successful crypto trading.

The service will help you to save a lot of hours spent in searching for profitable opportunities.

CrypScan monitors all the top exchanges in real time and shows you the data and recommendations.

Profitable currency pairs can be compared at different exchanges to find the best deal.

Join CrypScan and start to make a profit now!

CrypScan in numbers


top exchanges

6000 +

trading pairs

10 +

arbitrage opportunities per day

from 30 %

profit per month

Why do traders use CrypScan?

CrypScan will help to analyze price movements of a currency pair or a particular asset using data from the major exchanges.


  • Profit %
  • Volume
  • Wallet activity


  • Deposit
  • Withdrawal
  • Trading fees


  • Open/Close
  • Deposit/Withdrawal


  • All exchanges or selected ones
  • The best prices
  • Comparing prices between exchanges


  • Easy to use alerts
  • Notification for prices at different exchanges
  • Arbitrage opportunities alerts


You no longer need to track a huge amount of information and filter out "trash".
Get only the information you need.

The most important trading tools in one service

Searching for profitable trades - easy!

CrypScan scans all the top exchange in real time and gives you data and recommendations:

  • what pairs are profitable to trade now;
  • which exchange has the most profitable offer for a chosen currency;
  • calculates profit;
  • gives you recommendations for profitable trades;
  • compares prices between exchanges;
  • shows the most profitable trading opportunities.

Complicated technical analysis - simple!

With the help of charts and indicators you will be able to:

  • to predict the future value of the currency/currency pair;
  • watch the charts from different exchanges on one screen;
  • calculate the best time and cost to maximize your profit.


With the help of a system of notifications, you will always be the first to learn about changes in the market:

  • the ability to be aware in the right time;
  • recommendations (signals) about entries and exits;
  • signal when analyzed value of the currency pair will reach a predefined level;
  • tracking prices from difference exchanges.

Fundamental analysis - without headache!

Helps to improve your fundamental analysis for better decision making.
You no longer need to track a huge amount of information and filter out "trash".
Get only the information you need:

  • allows you to adjust a smart-news for keywords and phrases;
  • will tell you the most important queries.

Join CrypScan
and start to make a profit now!

Will come soon:

Trading on all major exchanges (20+) using one platform
with one balance on it from one secured account with a single balance at all exchanges.

No need to transfer funds between exchanges and to pay fees.

  • CrypScan will help to save your time
  • Exempt from translation fees

Arbitrage became way more easier.

  • No commissions/trading fees
  • Instant trades
  • No waiting for transactions

10 times faster trades.

You don't have to have money for every stock exchange. Single balance on one account.

No need to lock your funds in orders on an exchange.

Simply set up orders using the platform. You will be able to use those funds until the orders get filled.